The Association

Sheela et Claude Eichenberger vous accueille sur la terrasse du Centre Artistique

The Centre Artistique de Piègon is an independent association, approved by the Ministry of the Interior in 1965, recognised as being of general interest, and declared a « Rural Cultural Centre » by the Ministry of Culture in 2018. It receives no subsidies and lives only on membership fees and donations from its members. Learn more about being a member of the Artistic Centre.

Jean-Pierre Eichenberger has always sought to highlight the importance of the role played by the artist in society. His work is often considered « superfluous » and lacking in seriousness and profitability. The embellishment of both the small and the large contributions of artists is often disregarded.

Deploring the lack of recognition that artists in general receive, Jean-Pierre Eichenberger chooses to dedicate his house to them so that they can create in an atmosphere that is conducive to them, encouraged by people who love the arts and seek their inspiring company.

« There, artists bridge the gap between themselves and the public every day by inviting art lovers to experience the daily adventure of creation with them. Through the grace of this communion established in a site blessed by the Muses, all are enriched by beneficial contacts. Sing then the poet without worrying about a fatal criticism on which, elsewhere, his future depends! Here, it is not to please, it is only to love. The essential condition for the harmonious development of the artist is the understanding of the art lover. All those who translate life must be cherished. In this way, existence will be embellished, the fruits of the labour of some ripening in the sun of the love of others. Jean-Pierre Eichenberger »

Today, the exchange between artists and lovers of the arts or sciences continues.

The remarkable concerts and conferences on a wide variety of subjects given at the Centre contribute to the harmony of these encounters with a passionate public.

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